Allergy Testing

MedMark Allied partners with primary care physicians, ENT’s and pulmonologists to deliver safe and effective allergy testing and immunotherapy that is customized for individual patients. We are committed to ongoing training and education of our providers, staff and patients.

MedMark Allied provides physicians with a state of the art allergy testing facilities in their practice which are staffed by trained allergy technicians. This eliminates the need for the physician to out-source allergy testing and have to wait for results.

Medications are unique custom-formulated antigen therapies that can help desensitize a patient to many of the molds, pollens, and other triggers that lead to discomfort. This desensitization therapy (Immunotherapy), allows the patient to improve their quality of life and be around those allergens without experiencing common allergic reactions or symptoms. Allergen Immunotherapy is the most reliable means of desensitizing the body to what it’s allergic to.


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